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I will be adding more content shortly-ish!.
here is my develepment perl program

Software NameFile name. click to downloadVersionDateDesciption
Ascii ViewASCIVIEW.EXE (18KB) N//A1994A Windows program so that you can view byte data of any file. includes search for string option, and ability to change an individual byte value. Windows 3.x version but will work with win9x if long file name tunneling is enabled (which it is by default). Requires VBRUN300.DLL (390KB) which should be copied to the c:\windows\system32 folder
Please note: this version is quite old now. there is a newer version asciview2 which I'll put up on the web site soon. this uses a more up to date vb libruary file (vbrun600.dll) and works on win98,win2000,winxp and probably higher (but not tested)
SpeedtestSPEEDTST.EXE (48KB)N//A1997A DOS program that tests the speed of your computer. It also reports the Ram avaiable (up to 64MB) and hard drives letter sizes (up to 2GB) and speed of the C drive. works from dos prompt or from within 32bit windows.

For my GPL project/s, currently there is just one windows one, called Winsender which lets you send and receive tcp/ip port text data. Binary data sending has been added as of version 1.20

I am working on a project called cnery, which is a game similar to the some other isometric 3d civilisation building games out there, but the graphics is taking ages to draw, so don't expect anthing soon. I have a basic display engine and about 30% of the graphics drawn, but nothing is ready for public viewing yet. It should be cross-platform if it ever sees daylight

As a user of slackware linux as well as the microsoft desktop os's I thought that it would be nice if some games were available for slackware which currently were not, so I had a go at creating packages of some of the opensource games I play from time to time. These are released to the community and either the finished package, or the script to create them, can be found from the links below. You can find many more packaging scripts at slackbuilds.org and at sbopkg.org there is a package you can download which lets you use the (slackbuilds.org) scripts in a more user friendly manner to create packages

All software located on this site was checked for viruses before uploading to this site, but no warrantees are made on it. All software is Copyright Tim Dickson (TimSoft).
Disclaimer: Use the software at your own risk. It is ok for me. If you appreciate the software or would like a feature in it feel free to email me with comments etc. Any financial donations please send to Timsoft, Ugadale Farm, Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, PA28 6QR , cheques made payable to T.J.Dickson. If you include a valid email address, emails and donations will be acknowledged.

Some lego building instructions of simple models I made using LDD can be found here

I monitor software to check for updates.
The current versions of software monitored can be found here and the updates required to be done to my repositary are here

for andriod development, usefull files are below Amazon_Appstore-release.apk

a colour picker swatch test for accessibility is below


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